La Traviata – Giuseppe Verdi
(Concert Version)

MLO Chorus and Orchestra
Chorus Master: Pablo Hernandez
Guest Conductor:  Leo Walz
General & Artistic Director: Raffaele Cardone

Dates: November 6, 2021 at South Miami Dade Cultural Center



Eglise Gutierrez

Violetta Valery

Martin Nusspaumer

Alfredo Germont

Nelson Martinez

Giorgio Germont

Elizabeth Di Fronzo

Flora Bervoix

Samantha Rilling-Lopez


Gabriel La Salette

Barone Duphol

Jared Peroune


Ismael Gonzalez

Marchese D’Obigny

Gibson Dorse

Dr. Grenvil


South Dade Cultural Arts Center


November 6, 2021


Seats available

Brief Synopsis


A Summary of “La Traviata”




Act 1
In around the mid-19th century, in Paris, there is a great party at the salon in the house of Violetta who is the most popular high-class prostitute. A young man, Alfredo, comes to this party, and sings the song of “Brindisi.” He has adored Violetta from long before, and he uses this opportunity to express his feelings for her after singing. Violetta had believed that she had no interest in true love because of her occupation, but she is confused by Alfredo’s pure mind.
Act 2
Violetta goes out of the fashionable society, and she peacefully lives just with Alfredo in the suburbs of Paris. One day, when Alfredo is away, Violetta unexpectedly receives a visit from Alfredo’s father, Germont. He puts pressure on her to break up with Alfredo, because of her past. This upsets the marriage plans of his daughter, that is, Alfredo’s sister. Violetta is filled with sorrow, but she makes up her mind to break up with her boyfriend. She leaves their home without telling him the truth. Alfredo who knows nothing, gets angry at her breaking his trust in her.
That same night, Violetta goes back to the society in Paris, and appears accompanied by a former patron, the Baron. Alfredo pursues her, and arrives at the party. He makes accusations about her in front of all the guests.Act 3
After a few months, Violetta lies down on her bed alone. In fact, she has been ill with a serious disease for some day. She has known about this since she lived with Alfredo. She is now seriously with death fast approaching. Finally, Alfredo rushes to her bedside. He was given a true account by his father. And Alfredo asks for her forgiveness. They swear to live together, but time is up, Violetta breathes her last breath as she remembers the time she spent with Alfredo.

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