Sponsorship: In order to better identify the sponsor contribution, cost we have segmented our production needs by assigning a minimum amount to a specific area. Each Sponsor, treatment if so desires, can choose to allocate to any of the indicated areas as a partial amount for one or more productions.

Following is the minimum monetary contribution per each production solicited to Sponsors or Donors:

Orchestra: $1,500.00
Scenery: $1,000.00
Singer/Artists: $1,000.00
Venue and Costumes: $ 500.0
Approximate cost per opera: $35,000

MLO Sponsors will receive recognition credits as well as up to 2 Free Tickets per event and up to 20 Tickets with 25% discount for the entire season. In addition all Sponsors will be entitled to attend all Dress rehearsals and eligible to apply as member of the Board. Sponsorship and donations are tax exempt.

If you would like to become a sponsor please print and complete ourĀ Sponsorship Application.